The CVA (Connecticut Valley Arms) Hunter Centerfire is a great little gun for the budget-minded hunter and comes in a 20- or a 22-inch barrel. This single-shot rifle comes in a .243 caliber and a 7mm-08. New for this year is a .35 Remington, a .35 Whelen and a .44 Magnum. This gun was built for the states that have weapon limitations during their black-powder deer seasons. This very-affordable rifle allows the hunter to shoot a centerfire rifle in the states where these calibers are permitted during the blackpowder season. The manufacturers suggested retail is $314, but you will find them in many stores for less. To learn more about the CVA Hunter Centerfire Rifle, go to

Image by John Phillips

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4 thoughts on “A Little Gun with a Lot of Punch – the CVA Hunter Centerfire Rifle

  1. I’d love to get one if someone could just tell me more about some of the specifications. I contacted CVA customer support to ask what the barrel twist rate was on the Hunter 44 mag and he told me that it was 1:38 ! I find that very hard to believe. Since the information isn’t published in the 2013 literature on the gun and I can’t get the information from the manufacturer, no CVA for me. I don’t expect awesome customer support these days, but I at least expect basic specifications.

    1. It’s 1 in 20″. At least the one I just bought is. This little guy has the best trigger of any of my guns. I have not had good Accuracy with it yet, but I have only shot 240 grain lead bullets loads that were originally loaded for my Ruger Super Redhawk. I may be pushing the lead bullets too fast out of a rifle barrel? I have ordered some 300 grain bullets and will try them when the arrive.

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