Chad Schearer, the media relations and marketing director for CVA and BPI guns, says, “CVA has taken the internal components we use on our higher-end muzzleloaders, like the Accura V2, and have put those features in the Optima V2. Now the hunter has a muzzleloader with a 26-inch stainless-steel barrel. Another new feature is the aluminum PalmSaver Ramrod. This blackpowder rifle features Realtree camouflage or the color black and a CrushZone Recoil Pad, as well as rings and bases for a riflescope support.” So, check-out this new blackpowder rifle from CVA.

The best of both worlds is the Optima V2 pistol. I hunted with and shot the Optima V2 pistol prior to its introduction at this year’s SHOT Show. Using a red dot scope, I was amazed at the accuracy of this blackpowder pistol. “The Optima V2 pistol features a 14-inch stainless-steel barrel,” Schearer explains. “Since it is a muzzleloader, you can buy this pistol over the counter, without the hassle of filling out the paperwork required to purchase conventional pistols. It has trigger-actuated break-action and comes with a V2 DuraSight rail, so you easily can mount a pistol scope on it. You can shoot up to 100 grains of powder in this pistol.” To learn more about the CVA Optima V2, go to

Image by John Phillips

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