L.L. Bean is offering new for 2013 a Technical Big Game Vest that has many of the same features found on SWAT team vests. It has places to keep numerous essential items within easy reach that you may need to reach in a hurry when afield. For instance, there’s quick access to pockets and pouches that can hold cell phones, hand-held GPS receivers, flashlights and/or extra cartridges.

“Our company interviewed a large number of big-game hunters about the items they carried with them in the field,” according to Jeff Miller, senior product developer for L.L. Bean. “We designed this vest to provide quick-and-easy access to those types of items.”

Most vests available for the outdoors fit loosely and flop around, particularly when you’re hunting. However, this new vest features the Boa Closure System, enabling the hunter to form-fit the vest closely to his or her body and loosen the vest as he adds more game and equipment. In addition, when you’re wearing lightweight clothing, you can tighten the vest up. If you’re wearing bulkier, more heavy clothing, you can use the Boa Closure System to loosen the vest, enabling the vest to fit more comfortably over your bulky clothing.

Image by John Phillips

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