The National Wild Turkey Federation has withdrawn from the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pa., due to the decision to ban the display of modern sporting rifles.

As a leading advocate for the preservation of our hunting heritage, the NWTF believes it is an important time to take a clear stance on its support of sportsmen and the Second Amendment and the clear link between the two.

The NWTF has canceled its booth space and will be rescheduling the NWTF sanctioned calling contest that was slated to take place at the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show once a suitable venue is determined.

“We feel strongly about the importance of the Second Amendment in pursuit of our mission of preserving our hunting heritage,” said Skip Motts, President of the NWTF Pennsylvania State Chapter. “We reached out to our chapters from across the state and received overwhelming support for taking this stand.”

The NWTF works to pass on the right to hunt to future generations, including reducing legal barriers to creating new hunters and introducing almost 100,000 people to outdoor sports annually. The right to bear arms is another pillar of the hunting tradition that the NWTF fully supports. The efforts to preserve our hunting heritage can be undone if new barriers to hunting are created by limiting the tools that the vast majority of sportsmen depend on to hunt.

The NWTF will host its National Convention and Sport Show in Nashville, Tenn., from Feb. 15 to 17.  The NWTF welcomes any attendees or exhibitors to consider coming to the NWTF Convention and Sport Show. The NWTF is working to add booths to the already sold out show in an attempt to accommodate companies that have decided to change plans about exhibiting at the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show.  Contact April Flowers at for information on reserving a booth.

Image courtesy National Wild Turkey Federation

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One thought on “NWTF Withdraws from Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show

  1. Good for the NWTF, I hope others follow their lead, as well as those that
    might attend. The enemy is at the gate as they say, and those that would
    think to make a few bucks being more important than coming together to
    stand up for the intent of the 2nd amendment and our natural rights, do
    us all harm. Be heard, or watch that right slip away from you, and for
    future generations.

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