The new AeroHead boot from LaCrosse Footwear features a brand new technology.

“Instead of using rubber for the boot, we are using injected polyurethane,” Taylor Towne, public-relations coordinator for LaCrosse Footwear, reports. “We started with a neoprene sock, next put-on the rubber outsole and then injected polyurethane into the boot. The injected polyurethane is extremely durable and puncture-resistant as well as being lighter than rubber and extremely comfortable.”

One of the unique features of this boot is its shin guard that’s made of hard polyurethane and is more puncture-resistant than a full rubber boot to protect the shin from any hard objects you may encounter. The shin guard also allows you to plow-through briars and brambles without fear of scarring or cutting up the boot. The new AeroHead boot from LaCrosse Footwear will be available in the spring of 2013. To learn more, go to

Image by John Phillips

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