The new Konuspro-T30 riflescope series features a tough, stubby build and high optical quality that matches the company’s renown Konuspro-M30 designs.

The T30 scopes are available in a 3-9×40 (MSRP: $379.99) model and a 3-12×44 (MSRP: $439.99) model. They’re built on a strong 30mm tube, and their low-profile tactical turrets stay out of your way. They’re also easy to adjust and can quickly be reset to zero. “You put the cap back on, and it locks them into place for shooting out to 275 yards with the 3-9×40, and out to 550 yards with the 3-12×44 and our 550-ballistic reticle,” said Mark Shore, Konus’ vice president of sales.

Shore said the T30’s reticles eliminate hold-over angles by giving shooters exact aiming points at extremely long ranges. In addition, the T30’s reticles are laser-engraved into the glass to make them impervious to recoil from even the hardest recoiling rifles. All Konus scopes come with lip-up lens caps, a lifelong replacement warranty, and fully coated optics that optimize light transmission.

These scopes also feature one-piece tube construction, long eye relief and 1 pound, 2-ounce weights for good balance atop any rifle.

Image courtesy Patrick Durkin

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