It seems that sometimes man’s best friend can get a little unfriendly. According to the Daily World, 23-year-old Myson Durham was fishing in the Louisiana bayou when a 12-gauge shotgun unloaded into his heel. With the help of his brother-in-law, who was in the boat when the gun discharged, Durham managed to seek treatment at a nearby hospital. The shotgun fired when Durham’s brother-in-law’s dog ran into the firearm.

Durham’s grandfather Doc Durham admitted it could’ve been much worse. The shot was just low enough to miss Myson’s tendons and perhaps even more fortunately, didn’t manage to penetrate the metal gas tank just behind him.

“They wouldn’t have been able to get back to shore, and he was bleeding like a stuck pig,” Doc Durham said. “…there was some good luck in that it hit where it did.”

Myson might not agree with good luck having anything to do with the accident, and he might not be too happy with his brother-in-law’s dog either. The two men were sitting in the boat when the dog came in contact with the shotgun and it triggered.

The authorities are treating the case as an accidental shooting. The dog could not be reached for comment.

Image from Sarah Deer (SarahDeer) on the flickr Creative Commons

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