Ron McGhan found bowhunting a difficult venture after an operation on his wrist. After the 65-year-old from Muskegon, Michigan purchased a crossbow, he found it too unwieldy to hold for long hours in a tree stand. Never one to give up, McGhan attached a steel rod to the tree trunk and used it to hang his crossbow. In an interview, he described the invention as one “out of necessity.”

“I used to shoot recurve, traditional bows and I can’t draw them anymore. I was hunting in northern Michigan sitting in a tree with a crossbow, it was hard to hold…I took a steel rod, drilled it into the tree, and hung it from that,” McGhan said with a chuckle.

The invention evolved with every successive outing and eventually included an umbrella and camera component. McGhan’s friends told him to market it as a product after they saw his improvised crossbow caddy. After mulling the idea over, the avid hunter built a working prototype and then gave the plans to a local manufacturer in Muskegon to produce parts.

“This is what I made for hunters, youth, for women to hunt. It makes it much easier,” he said. Less arm strain equals a more alert and readied hunter and hopefully, more racks.

McGhan now has a patent pending for the Hang It High, which is in stock at several local hunting supply stores. McGhan has more ambitious plans for his invention and is beginning talks with major outdoor manufacturers.

The crossbow hanger will hold crossbows, rifles or bows up to 50lbs to 27 inches out from the tree. The construction is heavy-duty tubular steel designed to withstand the roughest of hunting trips or bad days.

The crossbow hanger currently retails for $119.99 on his website.


Image screenshot of video by crossbowhanger on youtube

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