In a strange situation in Florida, a bald eagle somehow managed to tie itself to the top of a tree with fishing line. Since the tree was in the middle of a residential neighborhood and not scheduled for deforestation, it could be safely said that the bird was not protesting.

According to, Naples resident Bob Bodemann found the ensnared bird in his yard and called the authorities, bringing in firefighters and conservation officers. The responders spent 45 minutes on top of a ladder attempting to free the eagle.

“The bird obviously started hesitating and freaking out severely and trying to get out of the situation,”  said Beach Patrol Officer Casey Bollenback.

Eventually firefighters managed to cut the eagle free and it flew away unhurt. A whopping 150 feet of fishing line was left on the tree, certainly enough to bind even a fully grown bald eagle. Bodermann expects the bird to return soon because its family resides in the area. Bald eagles typically mate for life and care for their young together.

Image from Steve (stevehdc) on the flickr Creative Commons

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