Knife Rights has never had a booth at the Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, but we want to express our support for the hundreds of companies and organizations, including numerous knifemakers and knife retailers, that have withdrawn from the show in protest of Reed Exhibitions’ decision to discriminate against perfectly legal arms.

Reed, a British company, has banned Modern Sporting Rifles (AR- and AK-platform semi-automatic rifles used for target shooting, hunting and self-defense, and often inflammatorily and inaccutaely referred to as “assault rifles”) and so-called “large capacity” magazines from being displayed or sold at the show.

Knife Rights knows that withdrawing from this show represents a hardship for many of the exhibitors and we appreciate their sacrifice in doing the right thing, despite the considerable cost. Whether bigotry involves knives or guns, it should not be tolerated any less than if it involves people. In a free nation, Reed can make whatever legally valid decisions they want about their business, and we can vote with our feet when that decision runs counter to the very freedoms they thumb their corporate nose at.

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