O.F. Mossberg and Sons teamed with Mathews Inc. to develop a new recoil-reduction system that will be part of seven new Mossberg pump-action shotguns. This system features a unique Mossberg Dual-Comb stock design with low- and high-profile inserts, Mathews Harmonic Damper Technology in the butt stock, and a re-engineered thermoplastic “elastomer” recoil pad.

These features combine to reduce felt recoil up to 20 percent. The Mossberg Recoil Reduction System will be available on select 835Ulti-Magand 535 ATS Turkey and Waterfowl 12-gauge 3½-inch pump-action shotguns, two 50012-gauge 3-inch pump-actions, a convenient Field/Deer Two-Barrel Combo, and a special-purpose Tactical six-shot model.

The Mathews Harmonic Dampers are well-known in archery and bowhunting. They use a patented counter-phase technology to interrupt recoil waves while weights float in an internal elastomer wheel to absorb recoil vibrations. The Mathews Damper is housed in an exclusive Mossberg stock whose interchangeable low- and high-profile combs ensure comfortable fit and reduced felt recoil. The shotguns’ MSRP ranges from $543 to $630 on the seven models.

Image courtesy Patrick Durkin

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