Company Donates $50,000 to Veterans Organization at 2013 SHOT Show

Smith & Wesson Corp. today announced that the Company presented Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA) with a donation of $50,000 at this year’s SHOT Show.  The donation will support programs designed to assist disabled veterans and wounded active duty military personnel. The donation was presented to Tom Taylor, Chairman of HAVA, by Jan Mladek, Smith & Wesson Director of Marketing and HAVA Board Member, and James Debney, Smith & Wesson President and CEO.

“Since its inception in 2008, we have been proud to support the foundation and growth of HAVA,” said James Debney, President and CEO of Smith & Wesson. “Through HAVA’s dedicated services, thousands of returning disabled veterans have been able to reconnect with the benefits of the shooting sports as they undergo the healing process. These remarkable men and women have made incredible sacrifices to protect our freedoms and it is our privilege and honor to support them through this effort.”

With continued support from its co-sponsors, which include major firearm and outdoor equipment manufacturers, HAVA has been able to heighten awareness of issues facing disabled veterans upon returning home. Donations from these companies are crucial for HAVA, which hosts numerous outdoor activities, including hunts and shooting events, each year.

In 2012, HAVA served over 500 disabled veterans, wounded active duty military personnel, and family members. The year’s events included the 5th Annual HAVA National Family Day, held in partnership with the San Antonio Police Department, which provided 300 disabled veterans and their families a day of competitive shooting, air-soft events, food and raffle prizes.  The 1st Annual HAVA Family Day East at the Academic Training Facility in Moyock, NC treated another 146 participants to a fun-filled event.  Other HAVA events included a veteran elk hunt and a Maine upland hunt. During 2013, HAVA will celebrate its five-year anniversary and has begun plans for events that should exceed 1,000 participants.

“On behalf of the HAVA, I would like to thank Smith & Wesson for its ongoing support of America’s veterans and the valuable services made possible by HAVA,” said Tom Taylor. “As a founding member, Smith & Wesson has taken a leading role in the development of new programs as well as serving on the board of directors.  Their overwhelming support helps make our significant growth possible.”


Image courtesy Blue Heron Communications

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