Leica Sports Optics announces the Geovid HD-B, its newest laser rangefinder binoculars. The Geovid HD-B contains advanced ballistics technology that delivers class-leading ranging abilities as well as the option to add or create custom ballistics information for specific rifles.

Leica’s ABC (Advanced Ballistic Compensation) functions provide the proper aiming point for hunters and shooters. The Geovid HD-B’s integrated, highly precise processor instantly gathers and analyzes ballistic information with one touch of the button, giving accurate information for correct hold-over, turret adjustment or drop-down reticle aiming point. It accounts for the distance, angle, temperature and air pressure when calculating the trajectory.

The system comes programmed with 12 ballistics curves representing most trajectories of modern hunting cartridges. Plus, an integrated microSD card slot inside the battery housing allows shooters to program and save personal ballistic data for their cartridge/rifle combinations.

The subtly curved Geovid HD-B’s housing is ergonomically designed to fit naturally and comfortably into the user’s hands, making prolonged glassing sessions easier than ever. When ranging game out to at least 1,000 yards, simply tap a button to activate the laser and then tap it a second time to determine the distance.

The Geovid 8×42 HD-B has an MSRP of $2,945, and its 10X model has an MSRP of $2,995.

Image courtesy Patrick Durkin

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