The 2013 Survival Trials kick off on February 23, 2013 with the STIII: Winterborn held at the NRA Whittington Center in NE New Mexico. The Survival Trial is a survival-based endurance training event that incorporates orienteering, physical/mental challenges and realistic shooting scenarios. 2013 will feature three Survival Trials at the NRA Whittington Center, designed to test competitors’ preparedness and help strengthen the firearm community. No two Survival Trials are alike and the STIII will introduce competitors to realistic situations in potentially extreme conditions.

Along with the competitive nature of the Survival Trial, the STIII is also an educational event with the week prior consisting of instructional courses from ST Pistol, ST Carbine to Land Navigation, First Aid, Range Estimation and Shelter Building. Jon Weiler, the creator of the Survival Trial, remains steadfast in the fierce independence of ST Competitors and endeavors to support the individuals seeking to exceed personal limits.

The Survival Trial is also seeking volunteers as Evaluators in the STIII on February 23, 2013. All Evaluators will take part in ST Scenario Training to acclimate to the Survival Trial responsibilities and are encouraged to take part in the firearm train-up for the Survival Trial at no cost. Those interested in volunteering as Evaluators in the STIII should contact Jon Weiler at


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