Buck Bomb announces their education commitment to new hunters through their newly dedicated sponsorship of Hunter’s Handbook and support of The IHEA Hunter and Shooting Sports Education Journal.

Buck Bomb’s commitment to education of new hunters through this partnership offers students a candid history of scents and attractants as well as tips and tools on how they work today. Buck Bomb will also be working on product supply programs for 70,000 volunteer Hunter Education instructors in North America.

“Buck Bomb is excited about our sponsorship of Hunter’s Handbook in 2013,” said Darren Brown, Vice President of Marketing. “We really want the students to understand how attractants can contribute to them having a successful hunt. We want them to understand that they can really increase their odds for success as well as hunt areas that wind direction previously would not allow. Buck Bomb really is a tool that can get first time hunters on deer, hooking them on hunting for life.”

Hunter’s Handbook is the informational primer that all 750,000 Hunter Education students receive upon attending their Hunter Education course. It provides students with a “how-to” guide that takes all Hunter Education students beyond mandatory general safety guidelines and offers them additional information on everything from firearms to targets and gear as well as an added emphasis on safety in the field.

All support of the IHEA Hunter & Shooting Sports Education Journal and Hunter’s Handbook help fund the International Hunter Education Association and the future of safe and responsible hunting.

Logo courtesy Buck Bomb

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