Unclear bill mandates hooks must be decomposable

On January 17, state Representative Paul Davis introduced H.P. 38/L.D. 43, legislation that would prohibit the use of nondegradable hooks for fishing. Most fish hooks for sportfishing are manufactured from carbon steel. These hooks may have a variety of coatings that are designed to attract fish, blend with baits or make the hook more durable.

Some hooks used in sportfishing are manufactured from stainless steel. Under current manufacturing technology carbon steel hooks corrode and degrade within several months of being submerged in a lake or stream. The bill’s mandate would not only create a burden for anglers who would have to replace their fishing equipment, but would also be technologically impractical for manufacturers to accomplish.

On Tuesday, February 5th Maine’s Joint Standing Committee on Inland Fisheries and Wildlife will hold a public hearing on this bill.

Go to KeepAmericaFishing.org now to send your message to the Committee urging them not to vote for this bill.

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