Tourist travel to Scotland’s Loch Ness is always brisk, but visitors looking for an alternative to local hotels and hostels can now enjoy all the amenities of the indoors while outside. Or at least as close to the outdoors as an eco-pod will allow.

Loch Ness Glamping, an independent camping facility, is offering visitors a stay in one of their several specially-designed eco camping pods, which resemble robust, self-contained cabins. They might also be considered tents, albeit ones made of wood with working electricity and a cable connection. Glamping (or glamorous camping) offers an alternative to traditional camping in the Scottish Highlands and is fast becoming a trend changer in how we perceive the outdoors. Loch Ness Glamping treats its guests to a comfortable stay while still exposing them to the beautiful scenery nearby.

The area is famous for the nearby freshwater loch which holds perhaps Scotland’s most well known resident, the Loch Ness Monster (known to fans and close friends as “Nessie”). The legendary animal is the subject of several expeditions to document the truth behind the stories, and thousands flock every year to the loch in hope for a sighting. Whether found or not, Nessie remains a great source of tourism for Scotland and the local camping establishments.

The extravagant excess of glamping may turn a few heads–and a few noses–but the Loch Ness establishment is one that remains practical and down-to-earth. Loch Ness Glamping touts hostel-esque pricing with single occupancy rooms starting at about $63 or £40.  Travelers should book in advance, there is a small waiting list.

Image from Isaxen on the flickr Creative Commons

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