The February issue of Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine has a special invitation for sportsmen and women – be a Conservation Patron License holder and share in our outdoor traditions. Discover what a great deal the CP License is: it saves you money, it saves you time and it shows that you support Wisconsin’s fish and wildlife programs.

The magazine also begins 2013 with a loony cover. Learn how volunteers and wildlife biologists are working to conserve a remarkable bird, the common loon.

“Fighting back with Buster” recaps one dog’s important role in a boy’s unintentional experiment in wildlife population management.

Discover, in “Cave drama,” what scientists and volunteers are doing to keep Wisconsin’s bats safe from a deadly disease. Find out how you can contribute to their efforts. Mark your calendar with our first look at the 2013 Wisconsin hunting and trapping seasons. You’ll want to tear this schedule out and keep for reference.

“Avoiding winterkill” explains what it takes to add aerators to lakes to keep fish alive during Wisconsin’s harshest season. “Let’s do brunch – or is it brush?” looks at hearty goat appetites and the Goats for Brush Control program.

Support green Wisconsin businesses with the suggestions in “Have some winter fun.” Learn what a day is like for DNR customer service representatives in “At your service.”

Spend some time learning about Wisconsin’s Fish and Wildlife Account successes in an insert, “Thanks for your support,” and catch up with the science looking into Wisconsin’s changing climate in another insert, “Adapting to Wisconsin’s Changing Climate: Science and Collaboration.”

Discover healthy fish dishes in “Reader’s Write” and learn how to introduce a new pet to the family in “Creature Comforts.” Fall in love with “Wisconsin Traveler” as it offers some great Valentine’s Day adventures.

Love the outdoors? Share your enthusiasm with someone you care about and remember to consider the magazine as a thoughtful, inexpensive gift that can share what you value about the outdoors with family, friends, customers and professional colleagues. Six colorful issues are delivered to reader’s doors all year for less than $1.50 a copy. Year-round the magazine shares ways and place to enjoy the Wisconsin outdoors for only $8.97. Subscribe toll-free at 1-800-678-9472, online at or by mail. Subscription blanks and single issues are also available from our circulation office at PO Box 7921, Madison, WI 53707.

Logo courtesy Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

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