Here is a fun way to learn the fundamentals of shooting for a novice or reinforce your skills as an advanced shooter. Come train with us as we put a new spin to the basics with Zombie 101.

  • GET WISE BEFORE THEY RISE!; Situational Awareness, Color Codes of Awareness, Prepared not Paranoid. The best fight you can win is the one you saw coming and were able to avoid
  • THE MENU. Knowing Them All Makes Zombies Fall; It’s not a 7 course meal, its the 7 fundamentals of shooting. Grip, Stance, Sight Alignment, Sight Picture, Trigger Control, Breathing, and Follow Through
  • GET OFF THE DINNER PLATE; Lateral movement on the Draw Stroke, as Action beats Reaction
  • FEED THE GUN NOT A ZOMBIE; Emergency Slide Lock or Empty Cylinder Reloads, Tactical Reloads, Administrative Loading and Unloading
  • DISTANCE VS DIGESTION; Oblique, Rearward, and Lateral Movement in a Gunfight
  • FAST MOVEMENT VS FAST FOOD: Forward Movement to Aggress the Threat
  • ZOMBIE BLT; Breathe, Listen, Think. Challenge Commands. (To insure they’re not a Zombie)
  • MAKE THEM MOAN, SHOOT THEM IN THE ZONE; Target Offered, Target Selected. Center Mass Hits
  • USE YOUR HEAD, SHOOT THEIRS; Making a Precision Head Shot
  • SIDE OF ZOMBIES PLEASE; Turns to the Right Side, Turns to the Left Side, Zombie at Your Backside
  • CLEAR THE JAM TO MAKE ZOMBIE JELLY; Clearing Jams and Malfunctions to Stay in the Fight
  • LEFTOVERS; Combat Follow-through. Making Sure the Fight is Over!
  • So Come on Out and Make Sure Your Ready for the Coming Zombie Invasion

Remember…If You Look Like Food, You Will Be Eaten!

Zombie 101 is dedicated to my friend Sgt. John Helms of the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department in Florida who always says, “You can’t have enough guns or ammo for when the Zombies come.”

There are two certificates given for this course; One is for “Zombie Hunter” and the other is for “Tactical Handgun”


  • Any Semi-auto handgun of 9mm caliber or larger, or any Revolver of 38 caliber or larger (Or any handgun listed on the students CCW Permit)
  • No 22cal. etc.
  • No Single Action “Western / Cowboy style revolvers please
  • A minimum of two (2) magazines or two speed loaders are required – Although more is better – escpecially when confronted by Zombies!
  • 250 – 300 rounds of handgun ammunition
  • A good holster and single or double magazine pouch or speed loader pouch
  • The holster should have the ability to “re-holster” the handgun with one hand
  • Eye and Ear protection can be provided by Trident Firearms if you do not have your own Eye protection MUST be full wrap around style
  • A ball cap or similar type cap with a brim is REQUIRED
  • Good footwear that offers ankle support is recommended
  • No open toe shoes, sandals, etc.
  • Knee pads are always a good thing.
  • Long pants – No shorts. We recommend cargo style pants, Blackhawk, 5.11 type or military BDU with the bellows pockets to hold additional rounds
  • There is NO water on sight that is potable so please bring drinking water with you
  • There are food outlets within a 10 minute drive for lunch but you are encouraged to bring your lunch with you


  • An open mind and a willingness to learn…
  • No criminal convictions that would deny the student the ability to lawfully posses a firearm

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Logo courtesy Trident Firearms Academy

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