Today in Strasbourg, an overwhelming majority have MEPs have voted in favour of swingeing reform of the Common Fisheries Policy. The RSPB believes this is a ringing endorsement for the restoration of fish stocks, a healthier marine environment, and a better future for fishermen.

Dr Euan Dunn is the RSPB’s head of marine policy. Commenting on the outcome, he said: “The European Parliament deserves huge credit for taking the pulse of public opinion and discarding the sticking plasters of the past, and instead opting for the radical surgery that fisheries management has been crying out for.

“As a result we hope that Europe’s seas and all those who depend on them will have a brighter future.”

The scale of the majority now exerts heavy pressure on the Council to fall in line with the European Parliament’s vision for sustainable and responsible fishing.

Logo courtesy Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

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