This information just released by the California Outdoor Heritage Alliance (COHA).

Earlier today, the California State Senate held a press conference, at the State Capitol, announcing an aggressive package of new bills that include measures to ban the possession of magazines holding more than ten rounds, require individuals to surrender all banned magazines to the government, require gun and ammunition registration, and ban the sale of rifles that have a detachable magazine.

During the press conference, President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg made it very clear that the Senate’s package of gun control legislation is a high priority for him and expressed confidence in passing the measures out of the Senate. President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg also wants to pass these gun bills as quickly as possible. Given the Democrats supermajority in the Assembly and the Senate, it is possible for these bills to pass as an urgency package and become law in a few short months.

Image courtesy WesternHunter

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2 thoughts on “California Senate Announces Aggressive Gun Control Package

  1. Get Ready cuz it here it comes . . . what’s the next step when this doesn’t stop the insane? Why do they keep penalizing the honest, responsible citizens? Could it be the real criminals are in office?

  2. We are under a barrage attack by would-be and misguided do-gooders.
    Besides the fact such a law would do absolutely zero in reducing gun
    violence but rather be a source of further vilification of lawful
    firearms owners. How about mandatory life sentences for those
    committing a felony with a firearm? How about doing something

    substantive with those under psychiatric care with known violent
    tendencies, or taking prescription psychotropic drugs, or judged
    psychologically unstable, or going after gang-bangers…?
    Naaaa…that’s too difficult. Fact is, Liberals hate guns and by
    default, find it all too easy to demean firearms owners and
    enthusiasts. Sadly, there is little we can do to change their
    perspective since they already know guns = bad, period.
    I have no idea how much good (if any) it will do to write your
    representative in Sacramento (Gov. Brown too), but if they don’t hear
    from us responsible gun owners, our fate is surely sealed.

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