An Utah small business owner is stepping up in support of the Second Amendment by offering customers discounts in his ice cream shop. According to KSTU-FOX 13, Farr’s Fresh owner Ronald Young will give dollar discounts to anybody who brings in a concealed carry permit.

“I really think that the average man is getting beat up pretty good today simply because he owns a gun,” said Young.  “Every time somebody, some wacko, goes on a shooting spree, top leaders of our country decide it’s time to take guns away from everybody who didn’t do it, and I personally think you need to stand up and say something about that.”

The Farr’s Fresh location announced the promotion on Facebook earlier this week and Young is eager to greet local gun owners. The small business owner feels that he is doing the right thing in using his shop as a platform to express his beliefs.

We’d like to think that he’s sticking to his guns, so to speak.

Image from Clemson on the flickr Creative Commons

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3 thoughts on “Ice Cream for Second Amendment Supporters

  1. In a free society it means that people with differing opinions have the right to express and act on their beliefs. I like this guy. I like ice cream too 🙂

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