Holley, New York, has a total population of around 1,800. It’s not even its own town. It’s a village inside the town of Murray, in Orleans County.

In a town that small you can imagine the size of the fire department’s budget. Since fire departments are rather important to the well being of any community, Holley has an annual fundraiser to help support their firemen. That fundraiser is a one day squirrel hunt called the “Hazzard County Squirrel Slam.”

It costs $10 to enter the competition and the winner takes home $200. Several prizes are also raffled off. In the slam, teams of two hunt most of the day and take as many as six red and/or grey squirrels, the limit according to New York state law. Whoever takes the heaviest squirrel wins.

That’s where the animal rights group comes in. A group called “Friends of Animals” has organized a protest to take place on February 16–the day of the Squirrel Slam.

Priscilla Feral, president of Friends of Animals had this to say about the contest:

At the mayor’s office, it was like talking to someone in 1890 in Appalachia. This person actually ranted about how they consume every part of the squirrels. There’s a national conversation on gun violence and the wrongs of indoctrinating children to thinking of guns as cool and thinking of animals as targets. The town is hopeless. Friends of Animals is going to invade the town of Holley to challenge these preposterous ideas.

According to the Examiner, several people who support the event have received death threats.

“We’ve lived in this area for 31 years,” Said local resident Kathy Nadelen, “ I don’t see a problem and I think it’s important to know that the meat isn’t wasted, the pelts are used.”

Despite the protest and alleged threats, most of the 700 available tickets, which amounts to more than a third of the population of Holley, have been sold.

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6 thoughts on “Animal Rights Activists Plan to “Descend” on Annual Small Town Charity Squirrel Hunt

  1. It’s about time to open season on these animal rights groups and the gun grabbers, they have trampled on our constitutional rights long enough!

    And isn’t it about time for some law enforcement organization to arrest these people for making death threats? These sound like the sort of whack’oos that would shoot up a school.

  2. They should open up ticket sales via the internet to show what “The Friends of Animals” is truely up against with their stupidity.

  3. All this hogwash to protect a GD rodent! Squirrels DO have some use; the nuts they bury for food are not all recovered and eaten by them! Some nuts rot, become fertilizer, some are eaten by insects, and others germinate, sprout, and become a new tree, so they aren’t TOTALLY useless!

    However, if the food supply is large, and ESPECIALLY there’s OTHER food (left by litterers, garbage, etc) available, the squirrel population SWELLS! Then they just become tree-rats! No matter how many you eliminate, some will survive! You can’t kill them ALL!

  4. They’re tree rats. better on a plate w/gravy and biscuits than tearing up my attic. In prehistory, these folks would have been bait, not useful villagers. Don’t eat them if that’s your choice but stay out of my kitchen.

  5. Best eating you can have . Wish I could be there . But I guess if all you eat is alfalfa sprouts and farther beans you wouldn’t know a good meal if you saw one.

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