Dates set for 4th Annual NRA Metric National Championship in Bristol, Indiana


The National Matches at Camp Perry are a shooter’s paradise, especially for smallbore competitors. But what about those who just can’t get enough action or have scheduling conflicts?

Enter the NRA Metric National Championship.

Going on its fourth year, the NRA Metric National Championship is held just prior to the National Conventional Championships at Camp Perry on the Wa-Ke-‘Da Rifle Range in Bristol, Indiana. This year you’ll be able to test your skill July 11-15.

And when we say just prior, we really mean it. The first of Camp Perry’s two smallbore legs, 3-Position, starts July 17. Once the Metric Championship ends, competitors shooting at Camp Perry will have one day to get to the shore of Lake Erie for the practice day. Don’t worry though, Bristol is just a short drive from Camp Perry – about three hours – and many shooters attend both.

The NRA Metric National Championship consists of both Position and Prone portions held successively:

  • Position – July 11-13
  • Prone – July 13-15

The Metric Awards will once again feature its popular silver and gold belt buckles for the National Category and place winners.

By this point you’re just itching to register, aren’t you? Competitors can begin signing up for the NRA National Metric Championship on April 1st by calling 703-267-1475. Each portion only has 200 slots due to range capacity.

There are plenty of places to stay in the area as several major hotels are just minutes away from the range. The local area has a lively Amish community with many shops for your enjoyment and anyone who came to cheer you on. Want to inject even more fun stuff into your vacation? There are also a few golf courses and theme parks nearby!

Don’t miss your chance to take part in more summer fun this year with the NRA.

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