Kiesler Police Supply Selected by GLOCK to Supply Missouri and Iowa LE Agencies, Officers


Kiesler Police Supply selected by GLOCK Inc. USA to represent GLOCK Law Enforcement Products to Iowa and Missouri LE Departments, Agencies, and Officers.

Jeffersonville, IN February 5, 2013 – GLOCK USA has chosen Kiesler Police Supply to serve as a primary distributor of GLOCK LE Products to Law Enforcement Agencies and Officers in Iowa and Missouri. Kiesler Police Supply is a 40 year Law Enforcement Distributor, based in Southern Indiana, currently serving Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Michigan as a primary GLOCK LE Distributor and GLOCK Sub Dealer source.

Kiesler Police Supply has full time traveling LE sales representatives servicing agencies and departments in the Midwest with the full line of quality GLOCK products.

For Agency and Officer information on GLOCK Law Enforcement products in the above territories, or for GLOCK LE test and evaluation samples, please contact Kiesler Police Supply:

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