Youth Teams Helped Through Ammo Shortage


Thanks to the gun control scare, ammunition has disappeared from store shelves, leaving competitive shooters in the lurch. With the Scholastic Steel Challenge (SSC) Nationals just around the corner (March 10-11), SSC teams are first to feel the bite. Typical SSC teams burn 10 to 15,000 rounds of 9mm annually – and the season’s just getting started.

On the West Coast, “There’s nothing available,” says Alan Thomas, assistant coach for “Team Gotta” of Bellingham, Wash. “A couple weeks ago, yeah, but now there’s nothing.”

On the East Coast, “We’re in really bad shape,” says Marshall Johnson with the Maryland-based Holyoke Revolver Club team. “I’ve got five teenagers and a case of 5,000 rounds. That’s going to be gone, fast.”

Even the No. 2-rated University of Vermont (UVM) team was struggling. “I don’t know what we’re going to do about ammo,” commented assistant coach Adam Nilson.

At SHOT Show, SSC reached out and found help with Atlanta Arms & Ammo and Precision Delta.

Danny Wisner at AAA ( set aside a special reserve of 9mm ammo just to help the SSC kids.

That’s a big gesture, considering dealers can’t get their orders shipped in full. “We’re not taking new customers,” says Wisner. “We can help the kids, but only so much. I’m glad Precision Delta wants to take some of the load!”

Precision Delta ( will continue their long-standing arrangement with USPSA/SCSA to supply ammo to high-profile matches. They’re literally throwing out a lifeline to ammo-strapped youth teams across the country.

More importantly, the firms are standing by pre-scare pricing, going that extra mile to help America’s youth!

To learn more about Scholastic Steel Challenge, visit Details about how to get ammo for an SSC team in your area will be posted on the match website at

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