Ohio FWMA Recognizes Wildlife Employee for a Dedicated Career


Gary Ludwig was honored with the Ohio Fish and Wildlife Management Association (OFWMA) Achievement Award on Friday, Feb. 1, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR).

The OFWMA Achievement Award recognizes individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to wildlife research and management in Ohio. Ludwig is the ODNR Division of Wildlife District One Wildlife Management Supervisor.

Ludwig is a graduate of The Ohio State University, and he began his career with the ODNR Division of Wildlife in 1981. Ludwig’s career involves many major accomplishments for wildlife management in Ohio. His leadership was instrumental in the re-establishment of native warm season grasses on wildlife areas and other public land. He did much of the early work that led to a shift in focus for the entire ODNR Division of Wildlife from management of specific species to management of public land based on ecosystems, particularly grasslands.

Ludwig’s contribution to the field of wildlife management goes beyond grasslands. He played a fundamental role in the successful introduction of peregrine falcons in Ohio. From the background he contributed to the design and construction of the elaborate falcon “hack box,” which housed fledgling peregrine falcons prior to release from the roof of the Rhodes State Office Tower in Columbus. He was also called on to provide guidance and consultation in the release of peregrine falcons in Cincinnati and Akron. His attention to detail is unparalleled in every aspect of his job.

OFWMA objectives are to foster, promote and practice wildlife research and management, and to bring together people of diverse wildlife interests and backgrounds for learning opportunities.

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