SPI Corp Completes Testing of Thermal Rifle Scopes at US Navy Seal Operated Training Facility


SPI Corp is a leading manufacturer / distributor o fthermal riflescopes and thermal weapon sights. Their systems have been successfully used in a wide range of scenarios from wildlife control to combat and police actions.

“Our long term association with Center Mass Group has given us tremendous feedback on what works in the field” explained Randall Kolchins, Director SPI CORP. “We have had Center Mass testing the FLIR T65 and T60 clip on thermal scope systems and have been anxiously awaiting the results”. Mr. Kolchins went on to explain; “Having validation of our thermal rifle scope platform from guys that are not only US Navy Seals but certified Seal Trainers, really means a lot to us and our customers.” Chris Sajnog, Retired US Navy Seal Instructor and Director of Training, Center Mass Group was asked about the new FLIR clip on thermal scopes they have been testing said he “could not have been more impressed”. He further elaborated, “with a crystal clear image and ease of use, the T60 changes the modern battlefield”. SPI Corp considers this high praise from a noted professional.

A clip on thermal rifle scope is a unique weapon sight that clips on in front of a standard daytime optic turning it into a thermal sight. This technology eliminates the need to zero in the weapon when switching between daytime and night time optics. Chris Sajnog explains “As a Navy SEAL sniper, I even remember several ops where I wanted to use thermal but didn’t due to the hassle of sighting it in and the uncertainty of performance. The T60 clips right onto your rail and is ready for use (Like “Plug-and-play” now you can “Clip-and-Kill”). The FLIR T60 has long been the industry standard with the T65 thermal scope being the next evolution of the product.

When asked about the cooperation between Center Mass Group and SPI Corp Chris Sajnog commented “The reason I’ve bought all my thermal devices from the guys over at SPI is they’re like a part of my team. They spend the time to not only make sure you’re getting the right product, but following up with personal phone calls and emails to make sure you’re happy.” He went on to elaborate, “ I can remember one time I was about to purchase a device from SPI and they actually said they had a less expensive unit that met my needs…what other company will “down-sell” you to get you what you need? When it comes to weapons sights, I trust my brothers at SPI with my life and you can too.”

Tom Revaz and Chris Sajnog, two retired Navy SEAL Instructors started Center Mass Group, in order to give tactical professionals the experience of being trained by the most elite combat unit in the world. They deliver insight into the training of US NAVY SEALS that until now has been unavailable outside the secretive walls of their elite community. They say “You might be able to get the snipers that took out the Somali Pirates or the guys that took out bin Laden; but why not get your training from the guy that taught them how to do it!”

Chris Sajnog, Director of Training was hand selected to develop the entire curriculum for US Navy SEAL Sniper training program; he commands an unparalleled level of respect when it comes to weapons training. A certified Master Training Specialist (MTS), BUD/S and advanced training Marksmanship instructor, he is currently a Maritime-Counter-Terrorism and advanced marksmanship Instructor who has trained DOD, DHS, FBI, CIA, Law Enforcement and multiple foreign allies in all aspects of combat weapons handling, marksmanship and Maritime Operations.

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