Purvines Racing rider Nick Burson finished a solid third place at Round 2 of the AMA National Hare and Hound series held this past weekend in Ridgecrest, California. Burson piloted his Beta 498 RR to what is Beta’s first ever overall podium finish in the popular series.

Burson describes the race in his own words, “I was really looking forward to this round because it is only about 10-15 minutes from my house. I am comfortable with the terrain and sleeping at home makes for a well-rested night. I got up early Sunday morning and headed out to the desert to start practicing the start. I was struggling to find a good line but eventually I found one I was confident in and felt it would put me near the front. The banner went up and I was ready but when the banner dropped my bike didn’t fire. I had done about 15 practice starts the past week and it fired every time. Well now I was playing catch up. It was the worst start I have had in a really long time. All that was going through my mind was there goes you’re shot at the podium. Its over before it started. After I got that out of my head I put my head down and just started to pick people off and charge as hard as I could. By the time we got to the first check I believe I was around 14th or 15th overall. It finally started to settle down and I could see people in front of me now. I just started picking people off one by one the entire 40-mile loop. I had made my way to the back wheel of Jake Agubright. I wasn’t sure what position that put me in but when I came in for gas and goggles they told me I was 4th overall. I was pretty excited with how I rode the 1st loop and how much time I was able to make up. Heading out on loop 2 I was just trying to pace Agubright and not make any mistakes. I ended up making the pass on him about 10 miles into the 2nd loop. After I made the pass I just tried to ride smooth and fast and not make any mistakes. The rest of the loop went about perfect for me, I don’t’ think I made even one mistake. The Beta 498 ran flawless all day and my TBT suspension was working extremely well. When I approached the finish I realized I was going to finish 3rd overall and I did it by coming thru the pack and passing everyone except the 2 leaders. It ended up being a really good day for myself, Purvines racing, and American Beta. Thanks to everyone who made it possible!!”

Burson’s teammate TJ Hannifin also put in a strong performance with a solid 5th overall in the Pro class. The Utah racer has been developing the Beta for the abusive desert conditions each week.

“Well after the long drive down I was really excited to get on the bike to loosen up a little. I found a good line on the bomb run and was feeling that I would be right up there if everything went well. When the banner dropped my Beta fired right up and I was the first one to the line, so I pinned it to the bomb. I made it to the end of the bomb in third, and rode there for a while before I got passed by Argubright, off to my left while I was in Caselli, an Kendall’s dust. I was able to ride behind Argubright for most of the first loop, but Caselli, and Kendall had checked out. Just before the pits Nick Burson blew by me some nasty whoops, it was awesome he was on the gas!! So I tried to key off him into the pits. I headed out on the second loop feeling good. I was able to catch Argubright in some rocks and make the pass. Then about 10 miles from the finish I got passed by Kamo. I charged hard after he got by but was never able to get back around him. I ended up finishing 5th once again. The bike worked great, and I am looking forward too a little break and for the series to come up north! Also thanks to Purvines Racing, and all of my friends and family for all there support.” TJ explains.

Justin Morrow rounded out the top 10 overall with a 7th place finish putting three Betas in the top ten in the first two rounds of the championship.

Purvine’s next stop on their schedule is the Best In The Desert U.S Hare Scrambles in Laughlin on February 22-23rd.

Image courtesy American Beta

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