Illinois Homeschoolers welcome NRA’s air gun program for parents and students

Recent studies suggest that almost three million children are currently enrolled in a homeschool program. Though criteria for such programs vary state to state, there as basics in the curriculum nationwide; English, Math, Science, etc… And, with a little luck, NRA’s new Home Air Gun Program.

“We’ve been working with Richard Pearson, Executive Director of the Illinois State Rifle Association on this project,” said Bill Poole, Director of NRA’s Education and Training Division. “He has some wonderful connection that have us on a promising path.”

A path that leads to the Christian Liberty Academy. That’s where the first NRA Home Air Gun Program course took place earlier this month. Right in the heart of Cook County.

“There was even a rifle competition there that day,” said Poole. “There in a Chicago gymnasium. It seemed appropriate.”

NRA’s Home Air Gun Program provides parents with a safe, hands on, fast moving plan that assures they will have everything they need in order to be a successful air rifle coach for their kids. A plan that gives the kids both incentives and guidance as they matriculate. The demand has been great.

“Almost fifty people showed up for our first session,” said Poole. “Given those numbers, and those who’ve requested additional information, we’re probably looking at another five or six trips back to Chicago for this group alone.”

The program covers all the basics; choosing an air gun, selection of equipment, constructing a range and how to keep it fun. Once complete, parents have the ability to customize their lessons for either a one-time fun-filled event or a series of sessions that lead to a competitive shooting program outside the home.

And unlike most sports, such as basketball or football, there are no gender barriers that mandate the boys get shuttled off to one location while the girls are shuttled off to another. All it takes is encouragement from home.

“We teach the parents how to be instructors and they’ll teach their kids how to shoot. It’s a perfect setup. Eventually, there’s always the chance that we might see the parents migrate over into the participation side of the program.

The NRA Home Air Gun Program is a great opportunity to get parents involved in the shooting sports while building a steady stream of young shooters for years to come. There’s nothing but promise. With this new program, we’re just scratching the surface.”

Image courtesy NRAblog

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