A Texas lawyer got a chance to pay homage to an American hero while helping a local charity as well. According to KCBD, a rifle cartridge autographed by the famous sniper and author Chris Kyle was auctioned at the Heartline Women’s Clinic Benefit Dinner to raise funds for the group.

Local businessman Rob Betenbough let his auction competitor Allen Adkins of Lubbock walk away with the .338 Lapua Magnum round after matching his winning bid of $12,000. Betenbough followed up the sale of the cartridge with a direct donation of $12,000 to the clinic, raising a total of $24,000.

The autographed round was donated to the clinic by U.S. Representative Randy Neugebauer (R-TX, 19th District) shortly before Kyle’s murder at a Texas shooting range.

Kyle became famous for achieving the most lethal sniping record in U.S. history during his years of service in the Navy SEALs. His longest successful shot was made in 2008 while stationed in Iraq. Kyle spotted an insurgent armed with a rocket launcher moving towards a U.S. convoy and fired a round from over 2,100 yards away, instantly killing the enemy combatant. He collected his experiences in a bestselling autobiography titled American Sniper.

Nearly 7,000 people attended his memorial service, which took place on Monday at the Cowboys Stadium in Texas.

“I put him on the caliber of George Washington,” said Adkins. “ He was a very brave soldier, and hard times bring forth great men and that’s what he was. He’s a great man.”

Image screenshot of video on KCBD.com

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