The Mississippi Marksmanship Program is continuing its efforts to bring top notch shotgun and rifle shooting education to our state’s resident hunters. Many of our citizens did not have an opportunity to hunt when growing up due to their home in a city or because their parents worked long hours and did not have the opportunity to go hunting with them.  The very same shooting lessons that were taught to youth years ago are now being offered to those who did not have the opportunity to experience Mississippi’s outdoors when young.

Our instructors have created their own mobile program that can be brought to your area negating excessive travel to reach existing classes. If you belong to a local shooting range which has automated clay bird machines and a club house for classroom academics, or if you have access to a local shooting facility and a building off-site that could serve as a class room, contact John Satterwhite at 407-414-4264 to discuss the possibility of hosting a class locally!

Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks is interested in helping all of its hunters become better marksmen.

The shooting classes which provide ammo, clay birds, and free instruction, not only introduce local hunters to your shooting facility but serve as a catalyst to increase club membership and get new folks into our shooting and hunting sports!

For more information regarding shooting classes in Mississippi, visit our website at www.mdwfp.comor call us at 601-859-3421.

Logo courtesy Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks

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