During mating season bucks duel each other for pairing rights, which often leads to injuries and shattered racks. Even worse, sometimes the two antlers will become entangled and result in the deer being trapped. Some of the time they are able to free themselves, but often one or both of the bucks starve to death. It is not unheard of for hunters or hikers to find deer bones still locked together long after they died, as one Maine man found last year.

Officers from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources were called in to find two deer struggling to free themselves earlier this week. The animals had stumbled onto what appeared to be an empty farm field.

The bucks were exhausted and had obviously been locked for some time. Officers discussed the necessity of putting the animals down, until one decided on a much riskier move. Using only his service pistol, the officer attempted to separate the deer by shooting select places in the locked antlers. With the animals flailing around, getting a clear shot is a dangerous proposition.

Showcasing some steady hands and impressive aim, the shooter manages to blast a few points off the racks. Both deer were able to leave the field and appeared to be none-the-worse for their experience.


Image screenshot of video by EveningTelegraph on youtube

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