Canadian snowcross racer Brett Turcotte has managed to film a gut-lurching drop on a snowmobile from his head-mounted GoPro camera. Turcotte has on his list of accomplishments a snowcross silver medal from the 2008 X Games, WSA Pro Rookie of the Year, and the 2004 Canadian Snowcross Championship win. This experienced athlete knows his way around on the powder, but that doesn’t make this point-of-view drop any less frightening for the viewer.

For a split second as Turcotte hovered over the snow-covered rocks–no doubt thanks to a bit of video editing magic–you can actually hear him breathe out. After all, you can’t defy death by simply holding your breath.

The video is part of Slednecks 15, which won Turcotte  BEST AIR from Mountain Sledder Magazine.


Image screenshot of video by SLDNX on youtube

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