Cheaper Than Dirt! strongly supports the Second Amendment and the constitutional rights of all gun owners. Due to the latest round of attacks from lawmakers on the Second Amendment, and the threat of another Assault Weapons Ban, several companies have began adopting policies of restricting the sale of certain products to law enforcement.

Cheaper Than Dirt! holds true to these same beliefs and has a long-standing policy stretching back nearly two decades of subjecting sales to agencies or individual members of the law enforcement community to the same standards as civilians within the state or community.

This policy was originally implemented for two reasons. While Cheaper Than Dirt! salutes the men and women of law enforcement who answer the call, it cannot in good conscience distinguish between the rights of a law enforcement officer and the rights of an ordinary citizen. Second, in an effort to comply with all local, county, state and federal laws, Cheaper Than Dirt! has designated full-time employees tasked with ensuring all of our policies are in compliance with the continually changing legal landscape, which makes it a near impossibility to sell to certain individuals within a community and not to others.

Cheaper Than Dirt! encourages all citizens, including members of the law enforcement community, to contact their legislators and encourage them to protect the Second Amendment by ensuring the fair and even application of the law to all of its citizens.

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