Tampa Bay hitter Luke Scott has a number of trophies under his belt, but when he told a story about spear hunting Florida wild boar last year, some people doubted him. Not surprising, seeing as how spear hunting is one of the more dangerous forms of hunting, just ask any 14th-century Medieval noblemen gallivanting about on a horse. But Luke Scott didn’t have a horse (presumably). It was just him and a boar with razor-sharp tusks that even grizzlies shy away from.

It seems that Scott has finally stepped up to the plate with some evidence when a picture was snapped of the baseball player holding a boar’s head and wearing a smile.

Below is the tweet from Marc Topkin:

According to Tampa Bay Times columnist Gary Shelton, Scott showed up to the clubhouse with a large boar’s head to finally settle the matter of whether he took a boar or not. Despite lingering injuries, Scott makes sure to state that it is only the first boar he harvested, leaving plenty of room in the future for more.

Image from Marc Topkin on Twitter

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