What do you get when you put world champion skier and Dakar Rally buggy racer Guerlain Chicherit in a Mini? The world’s first successfully landed 360-degree backflip in a car.

The 37 mph and 75-foot jump was the culmination of four years of planning for Chicherit.

“When you attempt something nobody has ever achieved before, the stress is really high but the only way is to just try it,” Chicherit told The Mirror. The feat was first attempted on Sunday morning in Tignes, France and then repeated to a large audience later in the day.

The Mini Chicherit drove in the accomplishment was far from standard, a major reworking of the Countryman/John Cooper Works SUV led to a heavily customized version that could probably eat other Minis for lunch. The event was sponsored by Monster, who made the excellent decision of hosting the stunt in front of the scenic French Alps.


Image screenshot of video by MINI on youtube

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