Tourists on a cruise ship near San Diego were surprised by a rare phenomenon: a massive group of dolphins called a “super pod.” According to the KNSD, an estimated 100,000 dolphins were moving in what is an enormous traveling group. Normally, dolphin species such as the bottlenose congregate in pods of 10-30, which at the most can rise to a few hundred individuals. A super pod of this size is very rare.

The captain of the ship, Joe Dutra, says he’s never seen so many dolphins traveling together.

“There were coming from all directions,” Dutra said excitedly. “You could see them from as far as the eye can see. I’ve seen a lot of stuff out here…but this is the biggest I’ve seen, ever.”

Dutra estimates the dolphin group to be spread out over an area seven miles long and five miles wide.

So far, scientists haven’t able to pin down why so many dolphins gather together in super pods. You wouldn’t want to be a fish in the path of one though.


Image from lowjumpingfrog on the flickr Creative Commons

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