Author, photographer, and extreme sports enthusiast Kevin Michael Connolly has done more by the age of 27 than most people accomplish in an entire lifetime.

Despite being born without any legs, Connolly has traveled around the world, written a memoir, had his photography featured at the Smithsonian, won a silver medal at the X-Games, dove off a 40-foot cliff, and uncountable other remarkable things.

With all that in mind, The Travel Channel decided that Connolly would be perfect for an extreme sports show, hiring him for his own show called Armed & Ready. The show will feature Connolly traveling around the world once again, participating in all kinds of extreme sports and other adventures. In the space of the first three episodes Connolly participates in activities such as cliff diving, motorized mountain boarding, surfing, jousting, and skiing.

Connolly’s memoir, Double Take, is currently being developed into a feature film; the movie is being directed by House co-creator Katie Jacobs.

Armed & Ready premieres this Tuesday, February 26th at 10pm eastern, 9pm central on the Travel Channel.


Image and Video courtesy The Travel Channel

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