We reported Tuesday that Smiths vocalist Morrissey turned down a performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live because the cast of Duck Dynasty would also be appearing. Morrissey stated that he couldn’t take the risk of being seen alongside the Robertson family, who he called “animal serial killers.” The Duck Dynasty crew and host Jimmy Kimmel had the chance to respond through a short skit on the Tuesday airing as shown below:


During the interview segment, the Robertson boys (Willie, Si, Jase, and Phil) talked about their fame, ducks and the importance of growing a good beard. When questioned by Kimmel about what they thought of Morrissey canceling on the show, the Robertsons expressed confusion as to who Morrissey is.

“Whoever the guy was, I don’t mind. If he wants to eat vegetables, no problem,” said Phil Robertson. “We don’t care. We don’t mind if someone says ‘y’all eat ducks.’ We’re like ‘uh, yeah!’”

The Robertson patriarch then expressed that they didn’t hold any ill feelings towards Morrissey or vegans in general.

Image screenshot of video by JimmyKimmelLive on youtube

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12 thoughts on ““Duck Dynasty” Blasts Back, Responds to Morrissey Snub on Jimmy Kimmel

  1. When in the garden of Eden did God tell Adam and Eve not to eat lamb chops, no I think it was an apple! How confused some people really are.

  2. You got to do your own thing…and respect that others have that compulsion to do their own thing….so it is not right to pull a Bloomberg and expect others to benefit because you want them to do your thing…..why do people assume that if you don’t do what they want it is wrong?….Who is this Morrissey anyway?

  3. Isn’t it about time ol’ Monotone Morrissey used his full name? That one-name stuff should be reserved for people who can actually “sing.”

  4. The thing Morriesey doesn’t get is that his touring probably kills more living creatures than the Robertsons will ever kill with a gun.

  5. I had only watched part of an episode and thought “not for me”. Then couple weeks ago watched a few episodes because my son wanted me to. Changed my mind real fast. It is a very enjoyable show, it is more about relationships within a family then any thing else. It is like a modern day “leave it to beaver” or “Brady Bunch”. Older generation struggles with all the modern things the young kids take for granted.

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