The lawsuit against New York’s most recent gun law is making national headlines, and prompting doubts in the state’s Supreme Court.

According to WKTC, a Supreme Court Justice ordered the state to justify the constitutionality of the NY SAFE Act yesterday, which was passed under the guidance of Governor Andrew Cuomo last month. The state has until Friday, April 29 to respond to the order or an injunction will be placed on the SAFE Act. It could prove to be a monumental victory for the gun owners’ associations behind the lawsuit.

The New York Rifle and Pistol Association spearheaded the claim–along with online forum and others–soon after the act was passed. On Wednesday a second lawsuit was filed against the SAFE Act on behalf of a Chautaugua County business, reports WKBW. Both claims are represented by attorney James Tresmond.

Thousands of gun rights supporters gathered in downtown Albany on Thursday to call for the law’s repeal. According to the Associated Press, masses of protesters gathered around the capitol building and surrounding areas, with 5,000 sign-wielding activists in one park alone.

“We believe Gov. Cuomo jumped on the bandwagon to become president of the United States,” said retired police officer Tom Moriarty, who came with members of his hunting and fishing club. Signs with quotes from the constitution and “Don’t tread on me” were seen well throughout the crowd. The rally included a speech by National Rifle Association President David Keene.

Governor Cuomo fast-tracked the act after the Newtown shooting and calls it a part of “reasonable reforms.” He believes that the new restrictions will help to decrease violence and the devastating damage of mass shootings in the state.

“You can overpower the extremists with intelligence and common sense,” the governor remarked before the measure was passed. Currently, amendments are still being considered for the SAFE Act. Two notable exemptions from the new strictures have been reserved for the film industry and law enforcement.

Updates on the legislation will be reported on Outdoor Hub as information comes in.

Image screenshot of video by CNYCentralNews on youtube

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40 thoughts on “Injunction May Be Issued on New York Gun Law, Thousands Rally in State’s Capital

  1. These clowns that are in the state gov office of NY for some reason seem to think they have the will of the people when they make these ridiculous rules. Guess they were wrong. Kudos to all second amendment supporters.

    1. BILL NOJAY= is now in theAlbany mix but more folks need to hear his great radio show. It’s a MUST LISTEN TO, it’s on air every day!!!

  2. Kudos to the over 5,000 who stood their ground with New York State! Gov. Kuukuumo is out of balance & out of touch. Not sure who is worse in New York, the Gov or Joker Bloomberg. Hey dudes, you don’t run this nation now or ever!

    1. I saw where NY troopers said the crowds had to be in the 12,0000 range. Loved the bellowing chant “COUMO’s GOTTA GO”; could’ve heard it a couple miles away, windows must’ve shook!!!. This IS what is needed across AMERICA + across the spectrum of true Founding Principles + needs! “WAKE UP-WAKE UP the Red Coats are coming”: except these are commie[Coummie] reds.

  3. I was there and there were way more than 5000. There were over 100 buses alone plus the people who came on their own. Were 10,000 plus, at the least, there to fight this attack on our second amendment rights>

  4. You guys need to run both of those Dumba$$e$ out of the country, not just to another state for them to screw with someone elses rights.
    They need to realize that money and power won’t keep them safe, tie them to a whipping post!

  5. GREAT! Glad to see gun owners in NY stand up for their and our rights! Now, can they impeach both Cummo and Bloomgerg? Recall them? Quite voting for Demos!

  6. Just look at Chicago, #1 murder capitol of the United States and some of the strictest firearm regulations. It’s safer in Iraq! These new law propositions, as well as some existing ones, have not gone overboard – people need to take a stand on what they are trying to pass, but also take a stand on some of the existing ridiculous laws out there right now!

  7. What mass shootings in New York? The whack job that shot two firemen? He sure didn’t bother with background checks. Besides, he should have still been in prison.

  8. They need to file charges against the traders and have the whole lot in court tried by a jury of people (Their peers) who will make sure they spend a few new years in jail.
    Then pass a law to prevent any of this from happening again.

    1. SHELDON SILVER[speaker in charge] + the Lib/Progs spider webbed from NYCity-to-Albany have a strangle hold on NYS control. However IF someone like BILL NOJAY + others will unearth the illegal deeds + manipulations of these “BOSS TWEED/TAMMANY HALL types + bring convictable charges they’d go down in a collapse. Gov.-TEDDY ROOSEVELT did it + IS WHY the powers that be then put him up for VP w/McKinley, to get rid of him + preserve ‘their good thing’. Of coarse he then got into the presidency. Hah Hah!!!

  9. I believe this law violates Article 1, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution (prohibition of ex-post facto laws).

    Here are two examples:

    Example 1. A man buys a Persian rug from a dealer. The Persian rug was not stolen property and the purchase was legal. A month later, a state government enacts a statute that requires all owners of Persian rugs to register with the state. Failure to register the Persian rug will result in the owner charged with a criminal class A misdemeanor and may be sentenced up to one year in jail.

    Question one – is example 1 an ex post facto law in violation of Article 1, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution if the owner of the Persian rug does not comply with the registration requirement?

    Example 2. Substitute “semiautomatic shotgun” for ” Persian rug”.

    Question two – is example 2 an ex post facto law and in violation of Article 1, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution if the owner of the semiautomatic shotgun does not comply with the registration requirement?

    The answer to both examples is an unqualified “Yes”. Laws that punish citizens for acts that were lawful prior to the enactment of the new statute are ex-post facto and prohibited by the Constitution.

    Cuomo and his band of Albany elitists should be removed from office for violating their sworn oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States.

  10. State police to assemblyman 10-12,000 the video above showed women for the 2A it was not the whole crowd at the same time the LOB was full and it took 90 min or more to get thru security. Three chants were heard all day “Cuomos gotta go” “No Deal Repeal” and “NO COMPLIANCE”

  11. I salute you guys! And gals! I wasn’t there but I don’t doubt for a second that there was double the number that they stated, as that’s part of the game.
    Mini-Mussolini and his ilk don’t really believe in democracy unless the numbers are on their side. And if the numbers were, they wouldn’t have acted like thieves in the night.
    It’s all just words to them. They don’t care how many turned out, they will press on; so must we.
    We have the logic, the “common sense” and the passion. Right now, they have the power-but not the right. Like the old saying goes: “If you don’t know your rights, then you don’t have any.” It’s so obvious when you talk to the “low information” (I love that phrase) crowd why these leaders think they can do anything they want. We are a different breed. I’m proud to be one of you.
    We had a thousand in Hartford in January on a cold day with four days notice. It’s great for the soul to be there first hand. For that many to be in Albany on a working day speaks to them, although they’ll never admit it. After all, you guys aren’t the 47%!
    Unlike the LIVs, we know what’s at stake. True, they don’t want an armed working class, but this issue is an inroad to the entire document. It bothers them to have to genuflect to the Constitution.But that’s too bad for them. It’s our country. They work for us. We are the People, not the LIV sheeple. We are serving notice!
    I know, like CT, NY is a blue state but if you guys can keep it up until election time maybe you’ll be able to say tuti finute to this wanna be il Duce!!

    1. Tom Galisono tried 3x – Paladino gave a great effort, on his first attempt; a good man. However IF WE could split off from “the city”, they could slide into corruption all by themselves! Give’em up from Pa. east on Rt-81 to Rt-88 up to Schenectady then Rt -50 to Saratoga Springs then N on Rt-9 thru Glens Falls to Lake George dividing the lake north to Lake Champlain + Vermont! ‘They’ get the Hudson River, the Catskills from Champlain to Binghampton down the Pa/NJ border to the caldron of “the worlds city” + Long Island, then up the Conn.Mass., Vt. borders. Syracuse would now now be centrally located + a likely new State capitol. Problem is even tho ‘they’ don’t care about us ‘they’ want to control us, so thy’d fight to keep the status quo unless there’s a real incentive for their unscrupulous way’s?!! It would be approximately 1/5 of the state as is.

  12. “You can overpower the extremists with intelligence and common sense,” the governor remarked before the measure was passed.”

    Could the Governor show one incident where a determined shooter was stopped by intelligence and common sense? Just one.

    1. Yeah, a regular citizen with a firearm. WE THE PEOPLE= are the intelligent/common sense solution to governance: as Founded to be by much smarter people than these commie clowns!!! Sooooo…let’s keep rolling!

    1. Lib/Progs HATE the America as Founded{on Biblical principles, indiv.Liberty+Rights + free the market system}. THEY are socialists + will not be happy until WE are. Meaning, scrap the Declaration/Constitution/Bill of RIGHTS! Then we’d all be equally miserable; even them! THEN THEY”D want to go back to the above + of course it’d be TOO late. Only foolish people want what’s NOT good for them or their neighbors… if the shoe fits?!! RReagan said WE could go into a thousand years of darkness IF-WE screw this thing call Liberty up!!! “LEFTISTS” are full speed ahead into the abyss!!!!!!!!!

  13. I wonder if politicians ever stop to think how foolish they look when they claim that “EVERYONE” wants restrictive gun laws and yet gun and ammunition manufacturers are working overtime and cant keep up with the demand for their products nationwide.

  14. Governor Cuomo fast-tracked the act after the Newtown shooting and calls
    it a part of “reasonable reforms.” He believes that the new
    restrictions will help to decrease violence and the devastating damage
    of mass shootings in the state.

    A blatant lie. Cuomo nor any other pol pushing this claptrap believes legislation will improve this situation but it does make it a lot safer for politicians to violate the rights of the citizens.

  15. Colorado take heed! Being from Colorado, I would also suggest that all colorado sportsman and those that come to colorado to hunt and fish to boycott colorado if they pass these illegal and unconstitutional laws.

    1. NYC was our first capitol: Dedicated+Blessed by Gen. George Washington, that Church is the ONLY bldg that withstood the 9/11 collapse{still there}, so there is hope IF ‘WE’ understand Founding Principles once again.

  16. I was in Albany last week for this safe act protest. Over 5000 is an understatement. There were at least 10-12,000 people protesting against the safe act. What was really great to see was that it was people of all ages. Young and old were here to support our rights to bear arms. I truly didn’t expect that large of a turnout, but new yorkers came together. Two legislators spoke at the protest and both said in 20-30 years of working in Albany they had never seen a crowd this large.

  17. “5,000 sign-wielding activists in one park alone”. Just one park. Prolly 12,000 people showed up downtown that day.

  18. To those that “scoff” at those that BRING THE FIGHT TO THE ENEMY, TAKE A LOOK AT THIS! I’m SO PROUD to be amongst their ranks!!!! MOLON LABE!!!

  19. This should prove to most people who can read between the lines the Democrat party is nothing more than a cover for the American Communist Party. Sorry old line Democrats, your party is not what it once stood for. I’m also sorry some Republicans are leaning that way. I’m a proud Conservative and will fight both parties when they are Communist leaning. Once we lose our 2nd Amendment rights it will be clear sailing for the Commies to take America over, so let the fight begin Cuomo and Bloomberg

  20. If Cuomo had some intelligence he would have exempted police from this on the first round.. but no! He rushed it in and didn’t even think about it. JackWagon should be impeached

  21. Let us be clear. If an ordinary citizen loses the right to have and hold
    a firearm because of law or prejudice then state officials, police and
    home land security should also be held to the same standards. This is
    Tyrannical,, populous and prejudice lawmaking.. I bet the federal
    government will not do a thing and this will end up in the supreme court
    of the state and on to the federal supreme court. This I am sure is
    what these “lawmakers” want. This is going on in states that will
    tolerate this type of lawmaking, insuring that these second amendment
    attacks end up in the united states supreme court. Why would these
    “lawmakers” pass a law that the supreme court has ALREADY ruled on in
    the pass and have been deemed unconstitutional ?

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