Most people have seen a motorcycle do a backflip by now, there was even a car attempt not too long ago. By now you wouldn’t bat an eyelash at something as mundane as one 60 mph bike doing aerobatics a lazy 40 feet off the ground, but what about 18?

A daredevil dirt bike team by the name of Nitro Circus achieved a new milestone in most simultaneous backflips on a motorcycle. The record was confirmed by Guinness World Record officials, who verified that at least 16 of the riders were airborne in the same frame. It shows what you can do when you don’t listen to the naysayers, or the fine print in your health insurance.

“I’m totally stoked and happy for everyone involved,” Rider Chris Birch told the Belfast Telegraph. “We know it’s a dangerous sport but we do it because love it and we have so much fun riding our bikes. As long as that continues I’ll continue to do stuff like this.”


Image screenshot of video by WorldViralVids on youtube

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