Globe trekker Jeremy Wade is perhaps best known for his attempts to track down the most aggressive and dangerous freshwater legends in his Animal Planet show River Monsters. The British-born angler tackled Amazonian piranha, massive goonch catfish, Japanese salamanders and even the elusive giant wolf fish over the course of four seasons. Along the way Wade debunks the myths  around these lethal creatures and seeks to explain a little more about these often maligned animals.

The looming question is: have all the monsters been found? Not yet, says Wade. The fifth season of River Monsters will open up with the search for a “face ripper,” a deadly animal deep in the Bolivian jungles capable of devouring a man’s face.

“I realize there will come a point at which my searching must come to an end–once I’ve found every river monster and all the world’s underwater mysteries are solved,” says Wade. “That time hasn’t come; this season of River Monsters continues to drive my quest to reveal the fascinating mysteries of the deep.”

According to his Facebook exclusive preview, Wade leads us to believe that this year will be the year he goes hunting for the greatest freshwater monster of all time: the Loch Ness Monster.

Watch the video below:


Image screenshot of video by Animal Planet on youtube

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