Maxima Media holds the holy grail of social & digital marketing solutions in the outdoor industry

Maxima Media, the outdoor industry’s most cutting-edge full-service agency, and creators of the Hyper-Communication Network, mastering today’s social and digital media solutions is proud to announce that they hold the holy grail of online marketing in the outdoor industry by harnessing the raw power of ‘virality.’

Maxima Media’s Hyper-Communication Network is a robust web platform that interconnects vast communities of active and engaged online outdoor enthusiasts into a synergetic communication funnel. The colossal Maxima Media network exceeds a staggering reach of 2.5 million social media users on average every seven days.

The wildly popular, ‘So God Made a Hunter’ image is just one of the many testaments of Maxima Media’s ability to create meaningful engagement that is both relevant and prolific in today’s new-age marketplace. In fact, the image was so popular, it reached over 500,000 people within two days on Facebook alone – generating thousands upon thousands of likes, shares, and comments.

“Our success stems directly from our powerful digital system,” said Maxima Media, President and Co-Founder Collin Cottrell. “Our in-house design team creates outstanding content, we leverage our mega-community markets that we’ve organically built, and quantify the success through analytics to determine the impact of our media strategy.”

Maxima Media has thrived on building brands through some of the most innovative and contemporary viral social media campaigns in the industry. Such strategies allow customers to spread the word about brands and their products. It is also an easy way to capture customers’ attention and heart.

“Beyond our viral marketing capabilities, we’ve also discovered how to build a memorable viral marketing campaign into products before they’re officially released and integrate viral growth in the rest of our clients marketing plan,” stated Maxima Media, CEO and Co-Founder Brandon Wikman.


Image courtesy Maxima Media

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