Vice President Joe Biden surprised some members of a Delaware hunting club when he dropped by their benefit dinner on Monday. According to Politico, the event took place in the Leispic firehouse where the Whitehall Neck Sportsman Club was holding a benefit dinner. About 420 people sat down to a meal of wild boar, goose and muskrat while the VP handed out rolls from a tray and signed autographs. The stop was not planned.

However, Delaware Online reports that the visit was not that out of the blue. The president of the club, George Wilson, said that Biden had come to the dinner for years during his time in the Senate.

“He hardly ever missed when he was senator,” Wilson said. “It was just an honor to have the vice president of the United States there. He was very personable.”

Biden’s son Beau Biden was there as well and said that his father was glad to come.

“He missed seeing his friends,” Beau Biden said. “He was happy to be there. The reality is the (gun control) issue didn’t come up. We were visiting with friends who we’ve’ known for my entire life and most of my dad’s life who are sportsmen from all over the state.”

The night ended with a raffle for 9 shotguns.

Image courtesy the White House

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One thought on “VP Biden Serves Wild Game Dinner to Sportsmen

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