Outdoor Channel’s executive producer Michael Bane recently sent an email to state Senator Steve King (R-Grand Junction) warning him that if the gun bills under consideration by the state senate pass, the channel would say good-bye to the centennial state.

Bane wrote in the email, “This morning I met with my three producers, and we made the decision that if these anti-gun bills become law, we will be moving all of our production out of Colorado. We have already cancelled a scheduled filming session for late this month.”

Not only will Bane–host of Outdoor Channel’s Shooting Gallery–and his colleagues abstain from filming the state, they will also not recommend Colorado in their shows.

“The message we will take to our viewers and listeners is that these proposed laws are so dangerous to hunters and any other person, be she a fisherman or a skier who brings a handgun into the state for self-defense, that we cannot recommend hunting, fishing, or visiting Colorado,” Bane wrote. “We reach millions of people, and, quite frankly, we have a credibility that Colorado government officials can no longer match.”

The move is another blow to Colorado’s economy in addition to the ever-growing list of companies withdrawing from the state. Bane described the Outdoor Channel as “relatively small potatoes” but nonetheless, the relocation of productions currently scheduled for Colorado could set the state back a million dollars in 2013.

Bane compared the decisions of Colorado lawmakers to the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show, whose event organizers decided to exclude modern sporting rifles and triggered an overwhelmingly negative response. The show was cancelled due to criticism from both the industry and individual sportsmen. Bane asserts that a similar grassroots “boycott” will happen to Colorado.

“Colorado is going to pay a huge price for laws that will do nothing,” Bane concluded. The email ended with the producer thanking Senator King for his support.

A formal vote on the measures by the Colorado Senate is expected today.

A copy of the email is hosted on Colorado Senate News.

Image screenshot of video by PanteaoProductions on youtube

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19 thoughts on “Outdoor Channel to Withdraw from Colorado if Gun Bills Signed into Law

    1. Closed on my house in CO yesterday. Had it on the market for 4.5 years. Glad I’m now not only physically out of the state, but also financially out. I will only go to CO only when I have to because my wife has family there. Otherwise I will spend my money and time in states that appreciate freedom.

  1. Yet another state being ruined by the feel good, liberal left. Welcome, Colorado, to the brotherhood of nanny states featuring the likes of New York, Illinois, Maryland, and New Jersey! May all their economies fail and all their productive citizens leave for greener pastures!

    1. I may be run out someday but there will be one hell of a fight in 2014 before these people win. I understand and in some ways support the decision of those who will not be visiting CO anytime soon, But I look forward to welcoming you back when we show these people that the constitution still means something in this state. Just for the information of those who don’t live here, when we had a show of hands in the senate chambers, the pro-gunners made up 70-80% of the room, the Dems just didn’t care.

  2. The Left seems to think that the hunting/fishing industry does not impact the economy. The states benefit from interstate commerce where and when money is spent on food and fuel. Industries related to those outdoor activities pump money into the economy. License fees and Pittman-Robertson taxes from those same activities pay for managing game, predators, land, water, etc etc. If they had to shell out that same money they would freak!
    That same commerce is several billion in commerce. IF one Billion (from that commerce) is spread accross the lower 48, it would impact one state by $20,833.000. Obviously certain states attract more of that business than others. Colorado is probably several times that number.
    If CO does not want that commerce then let the Liberal legislators and their constituents pay for the difference out of their own pocket. I’m sure some other state would looooove to reap the rewards of CO’s legislative bungle.
    Oh, Yeah, no big deal…That’s only about….694 jobs at…..$30.000 per year for every $20.833 mill. But then again, Why confuse the law makers with …….THE FACTS

    1. ThHawks, you got that wrong, Colorado will simply(tax the rich) which is total BS, THEY WILL RAISE TAXES ON EVERYBODY, to offset the loses.
      The good people of Colorado need to have the memory of an elephant when voting time comes!

      1. Thanks for your comment. Saddly that seems to be the liberal answer to everything; another tax, and another, and another. I ought to know, I live in MN the land of 10,000 taxes.

      2. CO has TABOR, so they can’t raise taxes without a vote of the citizens. What they do instead is raise fees on everything. It cost me $500.00 per year to register my truck when I left there in 2008. My motorcycle was $300 + per year. Costs me $70 in TX. Plus CO has state income tax. Nope, can’t see any reason to spend any more of my money than I have to in the state of CO.

    1. As I said, another stupid comment. You really should think (if you can) before opening your mouth and showing everyone your ignorance.

  3. Background checks make sense. Any criminal (or nut case) now can walk into a gun show and buy a gun. Any criminal (or nut case) can buy a gun privately. Not a smart way to run a society.

    1. I see you’ve been drinking the cool aid. Most sellers at gun shows are FFL holders. They are going to run a background check on you. Criminals don’t buy their guns from gun shows or dealers. They buy them out of another criminals car trunk or steal them. Requiring more checks will do nothing to stop criminals from getting guns. It is those with no knowledge of the process and no common sense, making unfounded (stupid) comments like you just made that are the problem. We have plenty of gun laws on the books right now. We don’t need more. Enforce the laws that are on the books. Prosecute criminals who use guns in commission of a crime to the fullest extent of the law. Penalizing law abiding citizens will not stop the criminals.

  4. Good for the Outdoor Channel! As a 69 year old Colorado native, I am dismayed by the efforts of our so-called “leaders”. I see Obama and Bloomberg influence all over these bills, however I have no absolute proof, I strongly suspect it. Our legislature, I believe, are a bunch of transplanted persons who want to change things they really do not understand. I hope and pray to see the Outdoor Channel for many years in the future.

  5. I have lived in Colorado 35 years and the migration of Liberal trash that has entered the State from California is now certain to excite the demise of Colorado. I urge every Rver, Hunter, Vacationer, and Retiree to detour around Colorado and seek refuge in States that Support the US Constituitional rights of it Citizens. NOT COLORADO!!! The home I have been in for decades is now up for sale, and we are voting with our feet to leave this disgraceful liberal Nazi group of intellectually dishonest Legislature crooks, and a “Bought and Sold Governor.” The Denver Post poll states 67% of Coloradans DO NOT want these Gun Bills passed. I urge everyone to spend their hard earned $$$ elsewhere as Colorado is now a Police State, thanks to the Liberal agenda and sheep who voted these scoundrels into office!

  6. I am so proud to hear there is still people that will stand up for their Constitutional RIGHT. Let me know when you have moved to a better place I will enjoy watching your programs.
    I an several freinds have canceled our hunting trips to this state an we are not the only people doing the same. We will not do business with any company in Colorado .So I guess if they want money they’ll have to beg their Natziestic buddies. FOR it.

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