South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks recently finalized results from a series of surveys aimed at gauging angler attitudes towards spearfishing and bowfishing in South Dakota.

Both anglers who held a game fish spearing and archery fishing permit during the 2011 fishing season and those who did not hold this permit were randomly surveyed in this effort.

“Knowing what sportsmen and women want and trying to provide opportunity where available is a major part of managing the aquatic resources in this state.” said Geno Adams, Fisheries Program Administrator for Game, Fish and Parks. “There’s been an information gap when it comes to spearfishing and bowfishing, which these surveys will help fill.”

The objectives of these surveys were 1) to gather basic statistics on spearfishing and bowfishing user groups; 2) to gather information regarding available opportunity for spearing and bowfishing in SD, and hook/line angler attitudes towards these opportunities; and 3) to better understand resident spearing and bowfishing anglers’ perceptions of safety issues, rules and regulations, as well as perceived conflict with hook/line anglers.

Results from this survey will be used to identify group and individual views, values, wants, and needs regarding spearfishing and bowfishing, and incorporate this human dimensions data into the decision-making process in relation to the overall health of South Dakota’s fisheries resources.

To view the results from these surveys, visit the Game, Fish and Parks website at

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