Due to efforts by environmental organizations, a bill was introduced in California on Monday that could prohibit lead ammunition statewide.

According to the Associated Press, the bill is sponsored by Defenders of Wildlife, Audubon California, and the Humane Society of the United States. The organizations argue that ammunition containing lead threatens species like the bald eagle, California condor, and turkey vultures due to the ammo’s toxic nature.

When these birds eat animals shot with lead ammunition, the bullet acts as a neurotoxin. In humans lead can cause gradual brain damage, but the effects in smaller animals can be more severe. Studies by several Californian universities state that bird poisoning is at its highest during hunting seasons, but some say those studies are flawed. The National Rifle Association and other opponents of the ban cite eight counties which already prohibit lead bullets but see no drop in lead-based bird deaths.

In many cases, non-lead based ammunition can be more expensive, further exacerbating the price hike for ammo–if it can be found at all. Solid copper ammunition is now produced by a number of companies including Hornady, Remington, Federal, and Winchester across a variety of calibers. Supporters of the lead ban say that prices for these types of ammo will drop when more sportsmen purchase them.

A subcommittee of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife was debating the issue when the bill appeared.

“The commission has looked at the lead issue for years,” said commission president Michael Sutton. “Should we ban it on state lands, ecological areas and preserves? For all hunting statewide? I’m not going to hazard a guess as to what the commission will do.”

Image from Matt Scott (Drab Makyo) on the flickr Creative Commons

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4 thoughts on “California Bill Introduced to Ban Lead Ammo in State

  1. I can see a lead ban for waterfowl hunting as we have that here in Canada. But not for rifle bullets. Rifle bullets are large and would pass right through the animals digestive tract without causing any harm. Lead shot is smaller and could be ingested. This looks like another back door attempt to cause more hardship for gun owners.

  2. My faith in G-d will only be strengthened when that crappy state & all those ignorant toxic liberals get washed into the ocean. :>)

  3. This is all krap that science has proven to be false. Yet, they keep coming back to this in an attempt to make your guns useless.

  4. Sportsmen of California for Responsible Regulations (SCRR). I’m thinking of putting this together for the Sportsmen of this State. It’s time to FIGHT Back, and make these irresponsible, left wing liberal, green bleeding, anti-gun people stop the irrational Regulations they are trying to impose on the Law Abiding U.S. Citizens in this State. I Pray that God will stop this non-sense in Washington and we have enough responsible MEN and Women who will stand up to Feinstein, Obama, and Reid on the coming GUN GRAB. I’m calling on all sportsmen who “buy a license, either Fishing or Hunting” to not buy one this year, fore go the sport the fight back with your dollars! This will reduce income to sporting goods stores, the state budget, the Fish and Game department etc, etc, etc. They won’t quit until they feel the effects of ‘We The People” who spend our hard earned dollar in this State for OUR Sports when they don’t have revenue stream. Then people will stop all this banning of Lead Bullets nonsense. There are so few lead bullets fired in the wilderness of this state that even putting this BILL forth is a huge waste of tax payer dollars again. Stand up California Sportsmen, or you won’t be able to shoot or fish before you know it. How long will it be until they decide to “ban Lead Sinkers” for fishing?

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