The Harlem Shake phenomenon has swept the internet in recent weeks, although those in the know say–or hope–that the viral craze is starting to wind down. For a time, Harlem Shake videos were giving “cute cats doing silly things” a serious bid for the internet throne as everybody and their grandmother made their own rendition. Using a 2012 track of the same name by Baauer, the usual procedure begins with one person dancing while a group of people idle nearby. At the drop of the bass everyone in the video begins a convulsive dance, usually involving costumes and props.

Needless to say, this is the internet and the videos quickly became an infectious meme. Who better than the folks over at Duck Commander/Buck Commander and the cast of Duck Dynasty to bring their own unique spin to it? The video features pro golfer Bubba Watson.


Image screenshot of video by duckbuckcommander on youtube

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