3-Gun Nation and Samson Manufacturing reached an agreement recently that will mark the beginning of the first professional lady tournament series in practical shooting. The 3GN Lady Pro Series Tour, presented by Samson Manufacturing, will feature a dozen of the game’s top females, all competing for cash payouts and a slot in the 3GN Lady Championship Shoot-Off where the winner will be crowned champion and take home $25,000 from Samson Manufacturing.

“Samson Manufacturing is proud to sponsor the first-ever ladies professional series in the sport of 3-gun,” said Cathleen Samson, Vice President of Samson Manufacturing. “We feel this will be a great springboard for the top ladies in this sport.”

3-Gun Nation Lady events will take place concurrently with the 3GN Pro Series Tour. The ladies will shoot the same courses of fire, and in front of cameras for 3GN Television. Regular updates on the 3GN Lady Pro Tour will also run in 3-Gun Nation E-Magazine.

“The 3GN Lady Pro Tour, along with our national Club Series this season, is another example of our continued effort to grow the sport of 3-gun,” said 3GN President Pete Brown. “This tour will not only show the top ladies are good, but that some of them can even challenge the top guys in the sport. We think that will be a great motivation to encourage the next generation of females to get out and compete.”

You can watch the 3GN Lady Pro Tour and the 3GN Pro Series Tour by attending the following events: April 13, Glengarry, WV; May 18, Tulsa, OK; June 22, Tulsa, OK; Sept. 7, St. George, Utah; Jan. 15, 2014, Las Vegas.

For more information on event locations, match hotels, or broadcast dates for future episodes of 3-Gun Nation Television, go to www.3GunNation.com.

Images courtesy 3 Gun Nation

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